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About Us

AdPlan is the best way to search what advertising space is best for your message across Australia – and then get your message heard.

AdPlan is a unique advertising search system which gives you the power to browse through advertising options, review them and then book.

We do this by our comprehensive list of all advertisers in Australia, and giving you the option to search by the people who are actually viewing and using these ads daily.  
So to get started, simply enter the details of the people who you want to get your message to - whether it be teenage girls living in Melbourne, to Sydney bound retired business men with a bit more time on their hands.  

AdPlan will search for advertising that is getting read, seen or heard the most by the audience that you want to target.

How does AdPlan do this?

Every piece of advertising available has a set of parameters, outlining who’s reading it, seeing it or hearing it. It will also have a set of details listing how effective it is at doing just that. By compiling all of this information in the one place – AdPlan is able to let you know what and where you should be advertising to get the best return on your advertising investment.

AdPlan provides the convenience of being able to tell you what piece of advertising will work the hardest to get your message out to the right audience. Simply choose what combination of advertising works best for you – and get your message heard.

AdPlan – This is where you search for advertising.