Glossary of terms

  • AdPlan

    Well – that’s us…

  • Media

    The means of your communication – this can be Print, Online, TV, Radio and Outdoor. At AdPlan you can search just one, or a combination of these types of media which you can advertise with.

  • Target Market

    Your target market is the group of people (or person) who are the best candidates for consuming your message. Whether it be selling them a new bike or getting them down to church on Sunday - your target market are those people who you want to influence the most. Having a clearly defined target market means you can more accurately target those advertising dollars and get your message across with more bang for your buck!

  • Target Market Household

    The makeup of your target markets living environment – this is whether your target market’s household is single, married, engaged, divorced, dating, are empty nesters or a family. This parameter allows you to define the type of household that you would like to get your message to. Neat huh?

  • Socio-Economic Groups

    This defines groups of people who fit into five sections which are scored on three core criteria – education, income and occupation - make sense? Each of these three sections is given a score of 1 -60.

    The five sections of Socio-Economic Groups are divided as follows

    AB – Top 20%

    C – Top 36%

    D – Top 52%

    E – Top 60%

    FG – Below 40%

    So if, for example, your Target Market are in the AB group - these are more likely to be well educated, affluent members of our fine society and then so on through to FG.

  • Campaign budget

    This is how much you're planning on spending for this round of advertising - this allows us to more accurately return options which fit into how much you have to spend.

  • Loading

    This is a term used when media outlets apply a percentage charge, or a premium, against the price of advertising to ensure a specific position – for instance a 20% loading fee may be charged to place an ad inside the front cover of your favourite magazine.

  • Bleed, Trim and Type

    Terms and measurements used when creating print ads to define the parameters which your ad has to be created. Your Bleed is to ensure that your ad runs to the very edge of the ad, so you don’t get any of those nasty white edges. Your Trim is where your ad will be cut to when the big guillotine comes chopping down. Last, your Type is the area where your text can go, so you don’t lose any words or letters off the page – so Shitake doesn’t turn to Shit! Each of these dimensions is specific to each magazine, so they are important to know for each and every ad you book.