Glossary of terms

  • AdPlan

    Well – that’s us…

  • Media

    The means of your communication – this can be Print, Online, TV, Radio and Outdoor. At AdPlan you can search just one, or a combination of these types of media which you can advertise with.

  • Target Market

    Your target market is the group of people (or person) who are the best candidates for consuming your message. Whether it be selling them a new bike or getting them down to church on Sunday - your target market are those people who you want to influence the most. Having a clearly defined target market means you can more accurately target those advertising dollars and get your message across with more bang for your buck!

  • Target Market Household

    The makeup of your target markets living environment – this is whether your target market’s household is single, married, engaged, divorced, dating, are empty nesters or a family. This parameter allows you to define the type of household that you would like to get your message to. Neat huh?

  • Socio-Economic Groups

    This defines groups of people who fit into five sections which are scored on three core criteria – education, income and occupation - make sense? Each of these three sections is given a score of 1 -60.

    The five sections of Socio-Economic Groups are divided as follows

    AB – Top 20%

    C – Top 36%

    D – Top 52%

    E – Top 60%

    FG – Below 40%

    So if, for example, your Target Market are in the AB group - these are more likely to be well educated, affluent members of our fine society and then so on through to FG.

  • Campaign budget

    This is how much you're planning on spending for this round of advertising - this allows us to more accurately return options which fit into how much you have to spend.

  • Loading

    This is a term used when media outlets apply a percentage charge, or a premium, against the price of advertising to ensure a specific position – for instance a 20% loading fee may be charged to place an ad inside the front cover of your favourite magazine.